Dental Treatment and Dental Implants Seminars

The Center for Dental Implants of South Florida hosts public seminars approximately every six weeks in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area, in which Dr. Arun Garg speaks on various dental treatment topics related to dental implants and bone regeneration (bone grafting). The seminar is about one to one and a half hours in length and includes a sideshow and an attendee packet to take home and study, and refreshments are provided. One-on-one questions about dental treatments are answered at the end of the course. For current schedule, please call the office at 305-935-4991.


Why should I get dental

Dental implants create a beautiful smile – the smile you deserve! You’ll find renewed confidence in eating, speaking, and sharing your smile with the world. Dental implants also:

  • Make you look younger by providing internal facial structure
  • Prevent bone loss, which occurs when teeth are missing
  • Keep your healthy teeth safe by reducing stress
  • Keep your other teeth in correct position
  • Free you to eat whatever you want to, whenever you want to
  • Can increase your sense of taste
  • Free you to speak and laugh with confidence
  • Offer a long-term smile solution
  • Improve your quality of life

What is “teeth in an hour?”

Dr. Garg offers the NobelGuide system, so you can leave his office with completely functional teeth after a single office visit. NobelGuide is minimally invasive, so you’ll have no recovery time, and you can return to work and life immediately.


What are the benefits and drawbacks of a traditional bridge?

While a traditional bridge looks good and improves oral function, it does not have the full benefits of dental implants. For instance:

  • To place a bridge, healthy teeth must be altered
  • This can pose a risk to the attachment teeth
  • A bridge does not stop bone loss
  • A bridge may last only five to ten years
  • Some bridges contain metal, thus detracting from your natural smile

What is the difference between fixed bridges and overdentures?

A fixed bridge and overdentures are attached to dental implants. Fixed bridges are stationery and cannot be removed, whereas overdentures are removable.